Loan Pre-Approval

Home loan pre-approval is one of the most important “Steps to a GREAT DEAL” on a home or investment property.

In fact,  it’s a requirement of most sellers in today’s real estate market.  Remember, many of the sellers are BANKS.   They want to sell these properties to the buyer who has the highest chance of going all the way to a real estate settlement on one of these foreclosed homes.  They do not want to have your contract fall apart because your loan was rejected.  Choosing a Buyers Agent experienced in foreclosures and a qualified mortgage loan officer will help you avoid this last minute heartache.

Often, the best priced re-sale or foreclosure properties listed will get multiple contracts on them within a day or so of hitting the market.  So as a buyer, you’ll be competing against other buyers.  Then, it’s the job of the seller’s or bank’s asset manager to choose the best contract from among several competing offers.   They DO NOT like contingencies.  The biggest contingency of any pending real estate sales contract is financing.

So if you are PRE-APPROVED for your home mortgage financing, it puts you in the BEST NEGOTIATING POSITION.

As your Buyers Agent I’ll help you get pre-approved for your home loan by working with you AND your mortgage loan officer.  Together, we’ll maximize your opportunity of getting your contract accepted – and secure your DREAM home or investment property.

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